Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Ki O Rahi

A few weeks ago our experience of Ki O Rahi had come to an end. Ki O Rahi is a large team game played between 2 teams, kioma and taniwha on a large circular field. Played for 4 quarters or 2 halves of a set time, teams alternate roles of KÄ«oma and Taniwha at half or quarter time. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Maritime Museum!

Yesterday the senior classes went to Maritime Museum. It was a exciting experience and I enjoyed myself very much. Here are some photos of the day. 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Script work

Yesterday Sarah, Rose and myself worked on script writing. Script writing is when you use your imagination or personal experiences to write a piece of writing that would be read like a scene in a movie or a play. Here is our explanation on what script writing is.

Friday, 1 June 2018

The turtle and the shark

The turtle and the shark
The turtle and the shark went swimming around the beach looking for food to eat, they also did treasure hunts around the soft sand. A man sighted the turtle and the shark swimming with some of the gold from the treasure box. The turtle told the shark that the man was trying to steal there gold so the shark swam over to the man and bit a chunk of his leg off. The shark swam back to the turtle and they swam as fast as they away to there underwater castle.
As they swam as fast as they could back to there underwater castle They ran into a dolphin with one ticket to the dolphin and whale show. The turtle said to the shark that he wants it but the shark wanted it too. The turtle asked the dolphin nicely but the dolphin didn't give in. Then the shark decided if asking nicely for the ticket won't work maybe scaring her will. The shark roared with his big sharp teeth and the dolphin dropped the ticket and swam as fast as lightning away. The turtle grabbed the ticket and swam away dodging the sharks every move. Finally the turtle found a little spot for the turtle to hide in and where the shark couldnt fit.
The shark banged his nose into the little spot attempting to break it but it wouldn't budge. The dolphin swam by and saw the turtle in danger so the dolphin snuck up on the shark and tried to lure him away. The shark assumed that the dolphin had another ticket and that the dolphin was an easier target so he moved on to the dolphin. Then the turtle had a chance to escape so the turtle swam with the ticket and gathered all of his turtle friends to help the dolphin escape.
The turtle and his friends all went and helped the dolphin escape. They surrounded the shark and the shark was confused because all of the turtles were identical. The shark got dizzy and swam into a reef and he passed out. Then the turtles got a free pass and the dolphin performed his performance in front of his biggest supporters. Meanwhile the shark is sobbing with a huge bump on his head because all of the gold is gone.

Road safety poster

A few days a go a lady came in and told us that we had to make a road poster. This is my road poster.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Poetry Workshop

A few weeks ago a few people from the senior classes went to a poetry workshop. A poetry workshop is where you learn about poetry and how to write a poem. I wrote a poem called unforgettable friends and I made a poster of it. Here is my poster from the poetry workshop.